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The Importance of Product Development Consulting

Your products are what you put out into the world – and effective product development makes sure that you’re putting out the very best. Your business has something of value to offer to consumers. Our consulting team works with you to understand your vision and then maximize that value. At EDS & Associates, we’re all about the process – bringing in top expertise to manage development as efficiently as possible, and ultimately create a product that’s even better than you’d imagined.

Our Implementation Process

Some firms might work on just one stage of product development, such as the initial design. At EDS & Associates, we do things differently. We view product development as a holistic process and work with you on everything from ideation to post-release analytics. We believe all of these stages work together best when they are part of a unified strategy. Our entire team, from designers to analysts, works together to stay true to your vision. From our first meeting to your product launch, we help you to reduce the costs of research, production and distribution. This efficiency is the key to developing your product quickly and to maximizing profits.

Three Pillars of Product Development





Ideation is the creation of the digital representation of a product (Digital Twin) from all three engineering disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical and Software. The design artifacts include; CAD, Simulation, Software, Specifications, Requirements, etc. Ideation is most closely associated with the R&D function.


Realization is the transformation of the digital twin into physical form through the use of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and Automation. Realization is most closely associated with the Manufacturing or Operations function.


Utilization is the monitoring of the execution process and the gathering of data from the Industrial Network as well as Connected Products in the field. The data is collected in the cloud for Big Data Analysis which includes predictive analytics as well as the discovery of new relationships between unstructured data from multiple data sources.

Putting Our Research to Work for You

You may not have your own Research and Development department, but through EDS & Associates you will gain access to decades of experience in market research and analytics. We incorporate real-time and predictive analytics into each stage of the product development process. That way, each choice, from prototype design to advertising, can be led by customer need and market performance. These powerful analytics lead to the best products and the smartest development strategies.

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