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Managing Projects with Vigor

Have the talent, but need a leader?

You have the vision – we have the tools to get you there. Our project management consultants put their experience and time-tested strategies to work for you. If you haven’t used a professional project management service before, you may be surprised by the tremendous impact it has. Our consultants make sure that you don’t simply complete a project; you use it to drive organizational growth. Our approach stands on two pillars: efficiency and agility.

Engineering projects to operate at maximum efficiency. Using analytics to control output while eliminating variation.

Rigidity breaks great businesses. Implementing strategies that transform by design based on fundamental response.

Utilizing Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a project management methodology that uses advanced analytics to improve project control and minimize waste. We begin each project by analyzing your project and your organizational practices. We look for redundancy and variation that can be removed, helping you to cut down on extraneous costs and processes, while producing the most consistent output. Six Sigma is a powerful approach, one that works to maximize customer satisfaction and profits at the same time.

Expected Results

Efficient Organization

We develop a responsive plan that keeps your project on track from day one.

Development Training

We train your team members to use the professional analytics and programming you need to make your project excel.

Overcoming Obstacles

The best projects are agile – able to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Outcome Control

Get the outcomes you want through managing operational processes.

An Agile Framework Maintains High Quality at Every Step

The right application can help you to manage projects efficiently and productively, but an application is only as good as its programming. At EDS & Associates, we exclusively use agile frameworks, a kind of programming that develops incrementally, using analytics at each step to make sure the program responds to changing contexts. Rather than simply planning at the beginning, an agile framework continuously incorporates feedback. The result is programming and strategies that keep your project flexible and ready to respond to any challenge.

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