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Understanding the Sales Process

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How a manufacturing company sells their products and services to retailers and distributors is different than an E-commerce retailer selling direct-to-consumer products on their website, we can all agree. However, the sales process itself has only minor variations when applied to almost any business.

Having a customer centric focus, we have been able to deliver time and time again for companies matching their buyers needs with the products and services they have to offer, as well as future products in development. It is critical to understand your market, the needs of your prospects and customers in your market, while also assessing the competitive landscape and other disruptors that could be lurking. Together, we can help you holistically understand your market, prospects and customers’ needs. Once this is completely understood, we can take them on the buyer’s journey. This begins and ends with the proven sales process we follow, and for us is the most exciting part.

The Buyer’s Journey




The buyer’s journey relies on, and can be controlled by your business. EDS & Associates has the expertise to analyze and implement an effective sales process for your business. It is important to know precisely how and when we can help our customer. Selling is both art and science, but regardless require the forethought and understanding which derives from analytics and data.

Breathing Life into the Sales Process

EDS & Associates uses one of the most renowned sales qualification methodologies. This sales process is applicable to any company, no matter the complexity. This sales process uses logic and systematic progression through a series of defined steps that expectedly result in completion of a sale. Read about the proven sales process methodology, referred to as MEDDIC.

The letter M


The letter E

Economic Buyer

The letter D

Decision Criteria

The letter D

Decision Process

The letter I


The letter C


What is MEDDIC?

  • Metrics

    What evidence exists to prove your products’ value?

  • Economic Buyer

    Who carries purchasing power? 

  • Decision Criteria

    Does your product fit within buyer constraints?

  • Decision Process

    How to overcome your competitor?

  • Implication

    Can a buyer thrive without you or your product?

  • Champion

    Connecting with the person who understands and values your product most?

Sales Process Training

With proper training, you and your staff can achieve higher close rates, a condensed sales cycle, and really, a process that works in all situations. We take into consideration everything needed to develop your sales team; Profitability, efficiency, information management, negotiation, tools (like Salesforce & HubSpot) plus, building the foundation of a sales process that works.

Do you have a sales person who seems to have great potential,
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We already know you need to ensure maximum returns on every minute, and every dollar spent. Our Sales process consultants will help your business convert prospective clients into buyers. Diligently understanding their journey will build a foundation for long-lasting relationships, meaning your business will be seen as a trusted partner. Together, let’s focus on long-term solutions.

We can build off your current foundation and resources and implement our proven process. After our process has been implemented, you can expect increased revenue, greater margins and other relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We’ll share our experience and passion to streamline an efficient and profitable business for you.

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